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1 Now And Forever
2 Unafraid
3 An Offering
4 Love Love Love
5 Cling To The Cross
6 Nehemiahs Song
7 God Has Spoken
8 Awaken Me
9 We Are All In The Family
10 Send Me
11 Come To The Waters

Latest Entries

Video Blog 42: Bring Your A Game

Jason and I have been writing a few scripture songs for a ministry and we’re heading down to Nashville to record them tomorrow. Recording can be intimidating when your working with the studio musicians, these guys play every day, all day and they are tight!

Video Blog 41: Bring it On

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of comments on how our worship times have been extra “spiritual” and if that’s the case, more please, Holy Spirit.

Video Blog 40: Wide Palette

I want to encourage believers who are artists, not to allow yourself to be bullied by anyone, including religious people when it comes to what you create. Simply do it for the glory of God and do it excellently, it doesn’t have to have a “christian” label on it.

Video Blog 39: Sing the Scripture

Can I encourage you to write songs from the scripture? As a body we are enjoying the benefits of singing songs that we’ve composed out of sections of scripture.

Video Blog 38: Work Tape Studio

In this gear related post, we walk through our recording set up for making work tapes.

Video Blog 37: U2 Concert

I had a chance to see U2 last night and had a great time.

Video Blog 36: Amp Tone

Continuing the gear themed blogs, we’re getting geeky with tone.

Video Blog 35: Pedals

The gear theme continues with a look at amps and trusted pedals.

Video Blog 34: Axes in the Closet

A little sneak peak into my stash of guitars in what is the the first of a few forth coming gear posts.


Video Blog 33: Tone is in the Fingers

It’s so easy to look to gear to elevate our musicianship. Yet the reality is that it’s the skill of the musician and not the gear that makes beautiful music.

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